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17 Sep: Garlic Confit

This is a super-basic recipe to have in your arsenal that can be used in a million ways.  It’s essentially roasted garlic with the added benefit of garlic-flavored oil to use however you want. Whole garlic heads are slow-roasted with herbs and lots of olive oil until they are sweet…

16 Sep: On Sundays We Brunch: Series 7

Welcome to On Sundays We Brunch Series Seven!  I’m hoping this will be a time for us to talk about life like we’re really sitting together over brunch and share favorites…articles, recipes, products, books, inspiration, whatever it may be! Brunch is my favorite because the spirit is light, you have…

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16 Sep: Coquilles St. Jacques

I love this recipe, quite possibly more than any other recipe in my repertoire.  I remember my mom making this (not often), but for special occasions or if we asked for it when she was feeling especially nice.  It’s the kind of recipe that I can smell and taste and…

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